OMEGAlpes Graphical Representation

The energy systems developed in OMEGAlpes are described following a specified graphical representation.

Representing an energy system

In order to link the energy units, energy nodes and arrows should be used. It is possible to highlight the variable which may be optimised by the system or which is interesting for the user. Finally, constraints and objectives can be added on the model with the following representation


Figure: Energy Nodes, Flows and Variable of interest representation

Energy Unit representation

The energy units are described as rectangles as presented just below.

A colour may be added to specify the carrier of the energy unit like gas (yellow), heat (red), cold (blue), electricity (purple).


Figure: Connexion and specified carrier energy unit representation

The symbol is adapted according to the energy unit type.


Figure: Energy unit representation

Conversion units use the former representation inside a green box as multi-carrier energy units. The representation for ElectricalToHeat, HeatPump and ReversibleConversionUnit are displayed.

Reversible units are represented as single units for simplicity purpose, even if they do include a production unit and a consumption unit like conversion units. The power flows of the production and consumption units in the reversible unit are represented with double arrows, while storage units’ power flow is represented with a single arrow with a double head. Finally, reversible conversion units are represented based on the former graphical representations.


Figure: Reversible, storage and reversible conversion units representation

Please, have a look to the examples to see if applications of this graphical representation OMEGAlpes Examples Documentation


This graph representation is not used yet as a graphical user interface but we hope that it will be in the near future.