What’s new in version 0.3.0

Version available since 18th February 2020

Bug fixed

  • Change pmin and pmax parameters of VariableEnergyUnits and its derivatives (SeveralEnergyUnit, VariableConsumptionUnit, SeveralConsumptionUnit, VariableProductionUnit, SeveralProductionUnit) into p_min and p_max

New Functionalities



  • EnergyUnit has “minimize_exergy_destruction” and “minimize_exergy” objectives
  • FixedEnergyUnit takes into account Dataframe for power values
  • ElectricalConversionUnit created in conversion_units
  • ReversibleUnit created in a dedicated package in the energy.units folder. ReversibleUnit is a new type of energy unit that can both produce or consume energy, but not at the same time.
  • AssemblyUnits created in the energy_units package as an assembly of one or several production, consumption and/or reversible unit. It is the parent class of both conversion units and reversible units.
  • AssemblyUnit has “minimize_exergy_destruction” objective
  • ReversibleConversionUnit created in conversion units, enabling reversible power flows (i.e. an electrical transformer). It is an AssemblyUnit of two reversible units, one qualified as upward and another downward.
  • StorageUnit has a new attribute self_disch_t


  • Exergy module created. Integration of the exergy approach in OMEGAlpes. With the code of this branch, OMEGAlpes will be able to quantify thermal and electrical exergy, as well as the destroyed exergy within any production, consumption, storage or conversion unit.



  • HourlyDynamicConstraint deprecated and changed into DailyDynamicConstraint, now used in set_operating_hours() (that replaced add_operating_hours() )


  • Titles as parameters in plot_quantities()
  • Add function get_value() to get int or list
  • Add get_value_with_dates() to get a dataframe
  • Add resample_data() to change the time step for a data set



  • Deprecate add_operating_time_range() in class EnergyUnit


  • Deprecate HourlyDynamicConstraint in module Elements


Lou Morriet, Sacha Hodencq, Mathieu Brugeron, Jaume Fito